Illustration for MVNDO Magazine's Nearby section
Digital Illustration  |  September 2016 Issue

The Happiness Project is a feature on places to visit around Metro Manila. Each place is known for something unique that sets them apart from the usual go-to places in Manila.
"The city can be unforgiving at times. With long commutes under the scorching heat, the relentless traffic, and the demanding work hours, it's no wonder most people are always dreaming of the next long weekend, or their next big vacation. If you've been feeling a little burnt out lately, or just need to indulge in a little bit of me time, here are five places all over the metro that you can de-stress, detox, and delight in the company of others - and on your own."

(Features: Van Goh is Bipolar, Cat Cafe Manila, Gandiva, Cinema 76, and Ludo)
(Left to Right: Ludo, Cinema 76, Van Gogh is Bipolar)
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