Commissioned for a project
Digital Illustration |  Feb 2017
A play on the drinking game "Ring of Fire" in which some of the rules were changed and the cards are drawn by local illustrators.
The one who draws this card starts off by giving a category. In clockwise order, everybody names something that fits in that category. The one that makes a mistake, repeats an answer, or can’t give an answer drinks.

De Ja Vu
Those who drank last drink again!

Shit Shit
The one who draws this card begins by counting 1. In a clockwise flow, the next person says 2. Whenever 3, a multiple of 3, or any number with "3" (e.g. 23) comes up, the person must instead say "Shit" or "Shit Shit". "Shit" will keep the current directional flow of the mini-game and the next person counts the next number. "Shit shit" will reverse the directional flow of the mini-game. This continues until somebody makes a mistake and that person drinks.
(Left to right) Categories, De Ja Vu, Shit Shit
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