Quiet Spaces I was first sold exclusively through Shelter Fund's Print Jam 2020. The full set is currently up for sale on Artdrop.

Quiet Spaces I

First from a series of 3, Quiet Spaces is about museums - the long halls; the empty multimedia rooms; the bench conveniently placed in front of a Matisse, where you’re allowed to sit, admire, and just be.

Quiet Spaces II

Second from a series of 3, Quiet Spaces II is about the cozy nook in your local bookshop - the small corner at the back of the store where you can spend a slow afternoon getting lost in the world of every picture book you choose to open.

Quiet Spaces III

The last piece from a series of 3, Quiet Spaces III is a peek into every coffee shop that has served as a welcoming space for most people. Sometimes to create. Sometimes to unwind; always with a good cup of coffee.

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